1. Sticking with Spanish
    I originally wanted to take French in the 8th grade, but I was placed in a Spanish class instead. I'm so glad I chose to continue to Spanish II in high school instead of switching languages because my passion for Spanish became SUPER obvious my freshman year and shapes my life today 😊😊😊
  2. Being positive
    When I moved my junior year of high school, I could've been scared and resentful and grumpy. But instead, I chose to be confident and optimistic and open, so I made some incredible friends and beautiful memories! I'm really proud of this decision and all its consequences.
  3. Buying a leather jacket
    I got my jacket for $20 from a discount store in the mall. Three years later and it's honestly one of the smartest, most BA choices I've ever made
  4. Downloading this random thing called The ListApp
    I mean maybe it's kinda sketchy but I think it's okkkkk.......
  5. No boys until I was 18
    Ok, obviously I was into boys before age 18, BUT I didn't date until my senior year and I'm VERY GLAD of that. It helped me to be comfortable in my own skin, to focus on friendships, to prioritize my own goals, and to dream BIG.
  6. My college friends
    @steph_lessthan3 @miathurber @AliciaNF26 y'all know the drill by now.
  7. Listening to Spanish music
    My Juanes Pandora is pure gold💯 Latin pop just speak to my soul in a special way and is my go-to dance jam. I would 100% be an emotional wreck without Spanish music🙏🏼
  8. Jesus
    And may I continue to choose him, every single day.