Sorry Steef—I didn't see this request until now?? What?? But I hope you enjoy this list as much as I do.
  1. When we were kids, we had this huge rainbow-colored rubber ball we would use to play monkey in the middle. My sister would hold this ball above her head, shake her butt in a circle, and sing, "Chickeeeeeeeen make us happyyyyyy."
  2. When we shared a room, we would stay up till the itty-bitty hours of 9 and 10 PM playing T-I-R-E-D games—basically continuing the story of Harry Potters with all sorts of post-war domestic drama, laughter, and British accents.
    We had to spell out T-I-R-E-D because if we actually said "tired" we would become tired
  3. She asked to draw a portrait of me in the fifth grade, and I felt so majestic.
  4. She daringly chopped off all her hair in the sixth grade—but then some bastard on the school bus said she looked like a boy, so she hated it. It was sad and awful.
  5. She beat me into our school's gifted program cuz she's smarter and cooler and chiller than I am.
  6. She forgave me for accidentally and also purposefully spoiling the sixth and seventh Harry Potter books.
  7. She forced me to watch Lord of the Rings with her four or five years ago, which turned out to forever alter my life for the better. Without those movies I would be completely Tolkien-illiterate.
  8. She sends me memes and text posts via Instagram DM.
  9. We have entire conversations using stickers on FB Messenger.
  10. She sent me this picture, which is the driving force of my life.
  11. She makes MAJESTIC ART
  12. She leaves me notes when I get home from college and sends me pretty things in the mail when I'm at college.
  13. She loves me all the time and takes good care of me, and I hope she thinks the same of me.