Because I am at college, I do not have very many pictures. But I did love my fuzzy friends ☺️
  1. Basset Hound Beanie Baby
    My sister had an identical one, but we definitely knew the difference between the two. Mine was better.
  2. Big Black Dog
    Technically he was my first gift to my sister when she was born, but really, he was my friend. His little pink tongue was super cute ❤️
  3. Fluffy the Baby Seal
    HE. WAS. SO. SOFT. And he was from Sea World, which we visited before the entire country turned on them for animal cruelty 💔 But I always took great care of Fluffy, and he remains soft and spotlessly white to this day!
  4. Archimedes
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    Not from my childhood. My mom gave him to me for Christmas this past year. Oops 😌
  5. Flo
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    My day one💃🏻 Heck yeah, she's at college with me. She's seen me through it all. As @simplyshelli commented on my list of reasons I'm not ready to adult, she is "cool as hell."