You walk into the Burlington Coat Factory, and you just don't know which purse fits you best...the struggles of @steph_lessthan3 are real.
  1. Steph starts off slow, choosing a floral number with a gold strap.
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  2. She works her way up in sophistication, selecting a stylish black purse with an ornate snap.
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  3. Displeased with this selection, she says, "I think my grandmother owns something like this."
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  4. She is much more content to pretend to be a cat.
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  5. She considers expressing her love for DKNY, but decides she is more than just a brand.
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  6. A bold color statement is much more her style.
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  7. She tries to hide a purse dog in this bag, but management discourages such behavior.
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  8. Her rebellious streak engaged, she tries to steal Alicia's purse. Her attempts, however, are thwarted.
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  9. She considers an over large wallet, but the ostentatiousness is overbearing.
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  10. The same goes for this snake-killing purse.
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  11. When an Adele song comes over the loud speaker, Steph is prepared: "It's me."
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  12. She then proceeds to sing along in French. As a Spanish major, I regrettably could not understand.
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  13. She considers a new friend...
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  14. As well as a fashionable diaper bag that implies the arrival of her firstborn child.
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  15. This winter coat bag makes her feel like the mother of three elementary schoolers.
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  16. But ultimately, Steph decides Steph is satisfied with Steph's purse.
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  17. We thank you for reading! Enjoy the remainder of your day, and don't forget to come to the Burlington Coat Factory for all your fashion needs!
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  18. (This list is in no way affiliated with the Burlington Coat Factory.)