You walk into the Burlington Coat Factory, and you just don't know which purse fits you best...the struggles of @steph_lessthan3 are real.
  1. Steph starts off slow, choosing a floral number with a gold strap.
  2. She works her way up in sophistication, selecting a stylish black purse with an ornate snap.
  3. Displeased with this selection, she says, "I think my grandmother owns something like this."
  4. She is much more content to pretend to be a cat.
  5. She considers expressing her love for DKNY, but decides she is more than just a brand.
  6. A bold color statement is much more her style.
  7. She tries to hide a purse dog in this bag, but management discourages such behavior.
  8. Her rebellious streak engaged, she tries to steal Alicia's purse. Her attempts, however, are thwarted.
  9. She considers an over large wallet, but the ostentatiousness is overbearing.
  10. The same goes for this snake-killing purse.
  11. When an Adele song comes over the loud speaker, Steph is prepared: "It's me."
  12. She then proceeds to sing along in French. As a Spanish major, I regrettably could not understand.
  13. She considers a new friend...
  14. As well as a fashionable diaper bag that implies the arrival of her firstborn child.
  15. This winter coat bag makes her feel like the mother of three elementary schoolers.
  16. But ultimately, Steph decides Steph is satisfied with Steph's purse.
  17. We thank you for reading! Enjoy the remainder of your day, and don't forget to come to the Burlington Coat Factory for all your fashion needs!
  18. (This list is in no way affiliated with the Burlington Coat Factory.)