1. The library
    A quiet refuge featuring magnetic poetry, a cafe, and huge life-giving windows behind the stacks
  2. Profesora Robalino
    What a fantastic woman and an awesome professor. Can I work for her instead of at Wegmans the rest of the summer?
  3. Dutch Blitz
    And by extension, the greatest Blitz partners in the world—my only Blitz partners—@squad
  4. Late nights
    It's much harder to enjoy the small hours of the night without raucous laughter, random wanderings, or sleepy philosophical musings
  5. Chapel
    Possibly the only thing that kept me in any sort of spiritual shape
  6. Not being judged for what I wear
    My mother hates it if a) I don't wear a cami b) have my bra straps showing c) wear leggings d)....
  7. A bug-free environment
    Pennsylvania has significantly fewer mosquitoes than Massachusetts
  8. My mattress pad
    It turned a pathetic box spring into a cushy marshmallow heaven
  9. Being filter-free
    I *always* have to watch what I'm saying around people at home. I can't let my parents think I'm too liberal or my friends think I'm too conservative or my coworkers think I'm too naive or my siblings think I'm too earthy—there's none of the freewheeling, spontaneous, no-holds-barred dialogue that my friends and I always have
  10. Stir fry
    What do you mean, Mom, I can't just throw noodles and veggies and seafood in a bowl and call it dinner?!