Daydreaming out loud
  1. Use psychology to motivate my students
    "What are we doing in this class? We are building your neural plasticity!"
  2. Stockpile (quality) pads and tampons for anyone with a menstrual emergency
  3. Make my students listen to SO MUCH SHAKIRA
  4. Have a lesson on Latin American dance
    I just have to learn how to dance first
  5. Invent a fun way to conjugate
    This will require some serious effort because—who *actually* likes conjugating? If anyone has suggestions let me know.
  6. Hang flags on my ceiling
    Inspired by the señora I am currently observing
  7. Mentor after school
  8. Celebrate el 19 de Noviembre
    It's a great Carlos Vives song, ok!?
  9. Keep a bookshelf full of classics, favorites, and Spanish picture books
  10. Wear heels basically every day
    Instant confidence booster. The physical manifestation of mastery.
  11. Store large cartons of goldfish for when you're just *so hungry* before lunch
  12. Hang posters of Andes vistas and my favorite realismo mágico book covers
  13. Explain why I'm doing what I'm doing—the (teaching) methods behind the madness
    So meta much mutuality very respect wow
  14. Work towards that Master's in Gifted Ed
    Come at me and tell me I'm an elitist. I'll come back at you and prove I'm in fact not.
  15. Let students stretch during lecture if they need to
    Take your notes on a clipboard. Cool with me. (I may also invest in bean bags for upper level/discussion based classes. We'll see.)
  16. Rave about my dog/husband/children
    Whenever they come around
  17. Understand where my kids are in their other classes
    Let's integrate curriculums and create a cohesive picture out of your education! Also let's know how to pace this class according to your achievement in your other classes!
  18. Give homework
  19. Give exams with an oral portion
  20. Say "salud dinero amor Español" whenever someone sneezes
  21. Be that "weird" teacher that most kids think is overenthusiastic but also truly dedicated