Ft. Stand Partner aka @pascalspronk
  1. I really hope this thing doesn't last three hours.
  2. It's hot.
  3. And this pit definitely smells like BO.
  4. I've signed up for a week of this???
  5. And...Pascal went to the bathroom.
  6. He's walking in at the same time as the conductor.
  7. The dork is definitely proving himself to be a violist.
  8. The conductor has made a quip about having a full viola section.
  9. Hahaha.
  10. I haven't practiced this, but here we go.
  11. We're really trucking along here.
  12. At least it's Copland. I can understand what they're saying.
  13. What if all these extension cords short circuit???
  14. Will there be a fire in here??
  15. I will be trampled.
  16. But this aria is really pretty.
    (This thought runs through my head often.)
  18. Does this look like an optional solo?
  19. All the other strings are playing.
  20. I'll join in.
  21. Ok, don't miss this page turn.
  22. I'm not screwing up.
  23. I'm screwing up.
  24. I'm not screwing up anymore!
  25. Are we done?
  26. We're done.
  27. And...break.
  28. Two more acts to go
  29. 🙄🙄🙄