A small essay.
  1. It's over. I've done it.
  2. My first semester of college, which went from being terrifying to depressing to enlightening to exhilarating, is over.
  3. Mostly what I've learned is that I am still a child.
  4. I am a child with the ability to do adult things, but I am still a child.
  5. I think I feel this way because my friends and I live for moments.
  6. We are constantly bouncing from one event to the next: Dutch Blitz games to coffee dates to concerts to midnight Sheetz runs.
  7. We're constantly pushing towards the little things, towards the nights that will bring us long laughs and little sleep.
  8. We are constantly trying to find ways to be adventurous and clever together.
  9. Maybe I should be worried about this. Maybe we're going to lose sight of the big picture.
  10. Maybe we're trying to forget the responsibilities that come with paying $40K a year to sit in a classroom and be the best student you can be.
  11. Maybe we're trying to forget that one day we will bear the responsibility of changing the world.
  12. But maybe, just maybe, the moments that come from being in college are what make children into adults.
  13. College is one huge illusion of freedom, after all. Thousands of young adults with their needs met and their egos running wild.
  14. But maybe those egos give us the courage to face the world in four years.
  15. Maybe the moments where I laugh with my best friends--the moments where we feel united, unique, fierce, and unbeatable--are the moments that convince me the world needs changing.
  16. Yes, college is an illusion.
  17. But college gives us the time, the space, and the people to develop the confidence necessary for facing injustice.
  18. A teacher, a novelist, a motivational speaker, a public relations specialist--what can they do if they are convinced they are simply cogs in the machine?
  19. But when they learn from each other that they are valuable, skilled, smart, and capable, these individuals can shake the world a million times over.
  20. I believe in the girls who are my best friends. I believe in the women we will be in years to come.
  21. And I am grateful for the grand illusion that allows us children to dream wide awake.