When I was rudely awoken by early morning construction, I started to think about why @AliciaNF26 is so cool and capable and all around earth-shattering. Here is why:
  1. She understands emotions
    Alicia has felt a lot for a nineteen year old. She has experience in betrayal, joy, loneliness, anticipation, desperation, overwhelming love, and everything in between. I come to her when I am facing any and all of these feelings.
  2. She loves words
    This girl is the only person took me seriously when I recommended Jane Eyre. She nerds out over books and enjoys classics. And we all know that readers make great writers.
  3. She is dedicated
    There are no halves with Alicia Fleming. Whether quoting National Treasure or studying for Chem, she leaves nothing half-finished. She combines both passion and perseverance.
  4. Her life will be SO conducive to writing
    A tiny house and a pet skunk? A Polish husband and a few years to travel? A passion for ASL and a life without cooking? Alicia's dreams feel like they walked out of a story--so unrealistic yet so perfectly reasonable. Her dreams, fulfilled or yet to be carried out, will inspire her writing in beautiful ways.
  5. She is sassy
    Please see every essay she wrote for our First Year Seminar. Dave got so much sass 💯
  6. Essentially, Alicia is capable of wondrous things, and one day, I will brag about knowing such a talented and paradigm-shifting author 💖