I've had @list for almost two weeks, but I've been hesitant to publish. Here's why.
  1. I'm not at all witty.
    Good lists are clever, featuring puns and irony and plot twists. My preferred form of humor is sarcasm, the lowest form of wit. #rip
  2. I was raised to be private on social media.
    The whole point of @list is to share personal and relatable tidbits of everyday life. Having been hammered with the danger of the Internet since grade school, it seems impossible to balance this openness with my privacy.
  3. I have nothing to say!
    I'm a first year student at a small liberal arts school. I'm studying Spanish and education. I won't be shaking up anyone's world anytime soon.
  4. I only have one follower.
    Thanks, @juancarlos...
  5. I love the concept of this app and I want to do it justice.