I was in the middle of my menial to-do list when I started to think about just how fascinating and stereotype-bending @steph_lessthan3 is. I swear you shall never meet a human quite as quietly mature.
  1. The depth of Stephanie Bricker never ceases to amaze me.
  2. Here is her surface-level profile:
    She was a high-achieving high school student at a private Christian school. She has lived in PA for her entire life and intends to remain there. She dreams of the day when she can finally marry her pig farmer. She is blonde, thin, and blue-eyed.
  3. She sounds like the gooooood girl of "Free Fallin", amirite?
  4. Wrong.
  5. Steph is a fascinating and fierce woman.
  6. I've never known her to shy away from uncomfortable topics.
    From sexuality to feminism to theology, Steph has thoughtful and honest thoughts on hard subjects. She's also never afraid to ask questions when she doesn't know the answer--which I admire incredibly.
  7. She's a first generation college student.
    That's right, she's figuring this whole college thing out as she goes. Her experience is completely different from that of her parents, so she can't draw on their stories to figure out the "right" way to do things. And somehow, she is still brave and smart and kind when she's at school, which is. AMAZING. It gives her a level of maturity I could never comprehend.
  8. She knows her passions.
    Purity, family, faith, and writing. Volleyball and her man. Steph knows her strengths and takes full advantage of every one of them--she doesn't let anyone boss her around in these areas. But she's also willing to continue learning about herself, which is cool.
  9. She has a deep sense of compassion.
    Steph looks out for her own, so I'm so glad to be counted among her friends. But she also has expressed, multiple times, a desire to be a mover-and-shaker, a world-changer. She keeps her eyes and her heart open to the needs of others, and she reaches out without fear.
  10. She is constantly surprising me.
    Romantic but sensible, heartfelt but brainy, well-spoken but honest...Steph is full of twists and turns. She's no girl with her heart on her sleeve; she is complex, beautifully so.
  11. Essentially, Steph is an incredible role model, a clever student and a strong women, and I'm so glad I get to spend my college years learning from her💘