1. The First One
    I came home from a tough day in 7th grade, complained about a friend's two-faced behavior, and proceeded to have a completely unnecessary meltdown. My mom asked me if I got my period; I wailed, "Maybe" and burst into tears. After confirming that the weird smear in my pants was indeed blood, my mom sent me to take a nap. When I came downstairs two hours later, there was a bouquet of roses for me on the kitchen table. My dad is the best.
  2. The Drought
    My freshman year of high school, I joined the color guard in marching band. Consequentially, I suffered through two weeks of band camp before the start of the school year. The stress must have gotten to me, because I didn't have a period for over 100 days after that. Thinking back on it, those should have been the best 100 days of my life, but I was too busy freaking out about some sort of Virgin Mary phenomenon to enjoy them.
  3. The Sweet Sixteen
    Your sixteenth birthday is supposed to be the best of your life, right? Wrong. Just ask my Dear Little Friend. It came in the middle of a Geometry quiz. It ruined one of my favorite panties. It forced me to finish my quiz in a panic and run to the nurse to call my mom. It drove me to beg her to bring new underwear AND new pants because my favorite pair of jeans was also Wrecked. It made me late to my English presentation the next period. 😐😐😐😐😐
  4. The Stand Partner
    Back in April, I posted this list (LITTLE COMFORTS I WOULD REALLY LIKE RIGHT NOW BUT CANNOT ACCESS) because I was having the worst cramps of my LIFE—and trust me, I have bad cramps. My Stand Partner—get this—not only READ that list but also felt so bad for me that he BROUGHT DARK CHOCOLATE to our rehearsal that night. (Granted, it was 90% so I didn't eat it, but still.) (Also, I didn't connect the dots between the list of that morning and the chocolate of that night until almost a month later.) (Oops.)
  5. When My First Period Decided to Announce Itself to the World
    I in class, and that day my teacher decided to have everyone stand until we answered a question correctly. I had to stay standing because I never got a correct answer. At the end of class I looked down at my chair to see blood ALL OVER IT. I had bled through my clothes AND BEEN STANDING IN FRONT OF EVERYONE.
    Suggested by @anuhea
  6. The Wishful Thinking
    I was maybe 10 or 11. I had heard of this thing called a "period" and how it meant you were a woman. And gosh darn it, I wanted to be a woman. So one day, I had a small paper cut. I went to the bathroom and used this paper cut to put the tiniest dot of blood on my underwear. (I did not understand the sheer amount of blood loss that accompanied a period, apparently.) I proudly showed my mom who called my bluff and sent me on my way
    Suggested by @AliciaNF26
  7. My BFF's period
    My elementary school BFF & I were v competitive because we were into the same stuff (AKA being nerds). In seventh grade we "broke up" for a bit, but during this conflict she called me on my house phone. "hello?" "Hi, I know we aren't talking but I always promised you id tell you when I got my period. & I did. We still aren't friends. Bye"
    Suggested by @shacara_shacara
  8. First.
    My first period was accompanied by cramps so bad I threw up, which resulted in me missing the second day of sixth grade, and school picture day. Since I missed school picture day, I was excluded from our first yearbook... they didn't even include my name, which was a HUUGGEE upset to sixth grade me.
    Suggested by @cat_lyn
  9. The Science Fair
    My unpredictable middle school periods struck the worst on the bus on the way to Penn State for the finals of the science competition. The next 3 days were a mess, literally. I was too embarrassed to ask the chaperone and none of my friends had anything. I resorted to paper towel wrapping my undies. I was so stressed and uncomfortable that I snapped terribly on one of my best friends which led to the end of our friendship. Worst part: bleeding through during my presentation (and getting a 2nd)
    Suggested by @e
  10. AP Government
    I don't remember all the details, but I realized at some point in AP Gov that I had bled through my jeans. Bad. I ran to the band room with someone's sweater wrapped around my waist and called my mom and cried until she brought me new underwear and jeans. 12 years later, I still wonder if my chair was a mess and how many people saw me. Ugh.
    Suggested by @marcikm
  11. First date with my husband
    Pre-dinner drink at The Ritz. Sat at the bar when something felt, well...moist. (Sorry for using a very unpopular word) Tried to tell myself this couldn't be happening. Excused myself to the ladies room...yep your period decided to start tonight, no warning, no cramps. Worst part? I was wearing white jeans 😱. That is all that needs to be said.
    Suggested by @angela3950
  12. Murderous Rage
    It was about 2 months before my 12th birthday. My brother and I were outside washing the car and he kept spraying me with the hose. Other times I would find this mildly annoying but this time I wanted to gouge my brother's eyes out I was so mad. Lucky for him I decided to use the bathroom before I went through with my plan. And lucky for me my mother warned me ahead of time so I knew what was happening but I still remember freaking out!
    Suggested by @joti
  13. I got confirmed a few months ago and I wore a white dress. I thought my period was over, but it decided to come back for more DURING THE CEREMONY. Luckily I didn't bleed through my dress but I had to go through so many pictures not knowing if there was blood on the back of my dress.
    Suggested by @sarahsmith4
  14. Girl Scout Sailing Camp
    My first encounter with womanhood was during a week of sailing and swimming. At 11, I was already self-conscious about being one of the more "developed" kids my age. So, once I realized that cramps and brown stuff in my undeez weren't a signal of early death, I kept it a secret and enjoyed my time in the lake anyway.
    Suggested by @kradovanic
  15. My first came late
    I was 16 when I had my first period. I was staying at my grandparents with my grandfather. So no pads or tampons around. Used toilet paper padding for two days and told my grandfather I was sick. Didn't even think of buying pads. Now I'm in menopause which is also lots of fun. I hate hot flashes. I think I had one every hour last night. I didn't get a lot of sleep either times. 😡⌛️
    Suggested by @solitarygigi
  16. My mom was out of town, so I was alone with my grandma. I specifically remember sitting in her bathroom and her putting her hands on her hips saying "and so it begins". Worst part is, she told my bedridden elderly grandpa who congratulated me because "at least then we know everything works". At least I got to take the day off school.
    Suggested by @emmlag