1. I've been thinking about Beyoncé a lot these past few days
  2. And her new song "Formation"
  3. First of all, that song is great
  4. But it's not a song that I should claim, and it's not a song that I have the right to jam to
  5. It must be noted that above all things, Formation is an anthem and celebration of blackness
  6. And it is also feminist
  7. And those two things are not mutually exclusive
  8. I've seen a lot of backlash from white feminists who criticize Beyoncé for not including white women in the video
  9. Claiming that Beyoncé is only "further dividing us"
  10. YIKES
  11. Feminism only works if it is intersectional and inclusive
  12. BUT inclusivity does not mean "comfortable for white people"
  13. Let me say that one more time: inclusivity does not mean comfortable for white people
  14. White people can't write "groundbreaking" feminist shows that star only white, upper class women and then demand that those same white, upper class women get representation in something that celebrates a group other than them
  15. Implied declarations of white superiority that still occur in pop culture today are the reason why videos like Formation need to be made
  16. It's a reminder that white women are not the only ones who matter in third wave feminism
  17. That definitions of beauty have meant "traditionally white" for hundreds of years
  18. And that this HAS to change
  19. Beyoncé destroys white feminism in every single second of her video
  20. And even if you're white and you agree with Beyoncé's message, you still have no right to claim Formation as your own
  21. This is a moment where Beyoncé is telling her white fans to stand on the sidelines and appreciate the movement she is helping lead
  22. As white fans of Beyoncé, or even white listeners of Beyoncé, our job is to appreciate. NOT appropriate.
  23. If you're white, "Let's get in formation" is not yours
  24. If you're white, comments about Red Lobster and hot sauce are not yours
  25. For once, let something be not about you
  26. You'll be okay, I promise
  27. Ok.
  28. Rant over.
  29. NOTE
    I'm white and I'm still learning. I am not claiming to have any authority over this topic, and not hoping that my voice stands out above all of the amazing WOC who have discussed this topic already.