Thank you so much Ria for requesting this! I didn't know how much I needed to make this list until now
  1. Bet on It
    I have lip synced to this song many a time, and it is the most sure fire way to the championship. Preferably, I would perform this on a golf course and have many puddles to reflect in and splash. A lot of jumping and twirling would be involved. Fun fact: my brother and I used to watch this scene over and over again because it was "so intense"
  2. Fabulous
    This song is so underrated. Sharpay Evans truly proves her diva in this song. I would perform this song in a pink faux fur coat, pearls, and a Jimmy Choo swimsuit. I would be resting on a cushion carried on the shoulders of four hot, shirtless men
  3. Breaking Free
    This song is a true masterpiece that will survive centuries after I am gone. I would sing this song while tethered to a complex wire and cable system, performing aerial acrobatics with someone named Peach or maybe Tatiana. I would be literally soarin'. I would be literally flyin'. There would be not a star in heaven that I could not reach.
  4. I Don't Dance
    This song is fierce and ironic (because they dance the whole time!). Also, is this song about the sexual tension between Chad and Ryan? Maybe. I would perform this song in a chorus line with the Rockettes, and then halfway through we would all start break dancing. It would be hype.
  5. Getcha Head in the Game
    This song is a JAM. I would have to stay true to its purest form, and perform sweet dribbling moves with my b'ball. At the end of the song LeBron James would make a surprise cameo and he would lift me up in the air and I would slam dunk the ball right into the hoop. The crowd will go wild.