At any given point during the school year, my best friend, @michaelaa, and I live 2,525 miles away from each other. But, you can argue that our freshman year of college did nothing but strengthen our friendship. Here's how.
  1. Set priorities
    Michaela and I decided that it would be a priority to talk every single day. And we kept to that nearly 100% of the time. This didn't mean we would talk on the phone for hours on end every single day, but it did mean that we would make it a point to send a quick text talking about something that happened that day, or a funny joke or snapchat. Talk to your friend about what you feel you'll need to stay close, and then find a solution that is easy and effortless.
  2. Don't just talk about the past
    Michaela and I had a BLAST our senior year of high school. But we very rarely talked about it in college. This is partly because we're not the Glory Days type of people, but it's also because we wanted our friendship to grow and evolve alongside us, and that would simply be impossible if we kept shoving it into a tiny section of our lives
  3. Don't just tolerate, but appreciate, the fact that your friend has a life
    College is awesome! It's also super time consuming with late night pizza runs and cramming sessions in the library. Your friend might literally not have enough time for you that day, and while it might be frustrating, it's important to remember that he/she is experiencing something amazing and that's worth celebrating!
  4. Don't be threatened by new friends
    Michaela's best friend at school is named Kat and from what I hear she's AWESOME. My best friend at school is named Mika and she's amazing. It would be such a waste of time and energy to compare Michaela and Kat's friendship with our own, and it would lead to nothing but resentment. College friends are amazing and don't you want your friend to be surrounded by people who love and support him/her when you aren't able to be physically there? Of course you do!!!
  5. It's okay to get in a fight
    There were times this year when Michaela and I argued, and there was also a time when Michaela and I fought. This is an expected, and also pretty necessary, part of friendship. That fight forced me to be more articulate as to what I needed from a friend, and also forced me to see how I could be a better friend. It showed me how important this friendship was to me and how much I needed to fight for it and protect it, and also made me remember how grateful I am to have Michaela in my life.
  6. Have fun!!!
    Maintaining strong, healthy best friendship is work but it's the best kind of work. Remember why the two of you are friends and incorporate that into this new exciting part of your life!!! It's great!
  7. Ok here's us at Hamilton bye