1. the Son of God and my Savior
    First and foremost
  2. But I also have a lot of other beliefs on Jesus
    Is it okay to have headcanons about your Savior?
  3. Some of them being that Jesus is....
  4. Hilarious
    I just believe with all my heart that Jesus has a really great sense of humor. The story in the Bible where Jesus gets hangry and curses a fig tree that doesn't have any fruit on it is one of my v fave
  5. A feminist
    Throughout the Gospel, Jesus constantly honors, upholds, respects, and protects women. He speaks against slut shaming, comforts widows, promotes women scholars and rabbis, and doesn't block anyone from entering the Kingdom.
  6. A dog person
    I don't really have any Biblical evidence for this, and I know that Jesus loves all Creation, but I stand by this.
  7. Passionate
    Some translations of the Bible paint Jesus as this detached, placid character. But Jesus lived so fully. He flipped tables and protested authority and wept with mourners. Chelsie Antos has an AMAZING post about this on her blog titled "more" and I highly suggest you check it out
  8. Not homophobic
    I don't think that Jesus has an ounce of hate in His heart. I just don't.