A lot of people who were at the top of their game in the 20th century didn't really carry that momentum over to the 21st. All of these people are still great, it just takes a little bit of research to see why our parents are so hyped about them.
  1. Eddie Murphy
    Oh, you mean the dad in Daddy Day Care?
  2. Steve Coogan
    Oh, you mean the bad guy in George of the Jungle?
  3. Jerry Seinfeld
    Oh, you mean Barry in Bee Movie?
  4. George Lopez
    Oh, you mean the bad guy in Shark Boy and Lava Girl?
  5. Walter Matthau
    Oh, you mean Mr. Wilson in "Dennis the Menace"?
    Suggested by @chriscady
  6. Randy Quaid
    Oh, you mean the maniac living in a wilderness exile?
    Suggested by @TheSteve
  7. Al Pacino
    That guy from Jack and Jill!
    Suggested by @MatthewAlmont
  8. Cuba Gooding, Jr.
    Oh, you mean the guy from Snow Dogs?
  9. Corey Feldman
    Oh, you mean the lead singer of Corey's Angels?