Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. An endless acai bowl
    Okay, acai bowls are a HUGE thing in the west coast where I'm from but are practically nonexistent in the south, where I go to school. I can't think about acai bowls for too long while I'm away because I miss them so much that I might start crying.
  2. Mini powdered donuts
    Mini powdered donuts are like crack to me. In fact, I don't allow myself to buy them because I am afraid of the influence they have on me.
  3. A golden retriever
    Guys!!!! I love golden retrievers so much and I want one so bad. I would like my golden retriever to be named Frank or Arnold or if it's a girl maybe Loretta or Betsy. I think they are the best dogs in the world (besides Cody, obviously) (rip Cody)
  4. Tickets to Hamilton
    I want to see Hamilton so badly. I feel like it's so important culturally and musically and also I love me some LMM. Also, these tickets would be accompanied by plane tickets to New York and a reservation at the Plaza Hotel.
  5. My family
    I'm homesick :-(
  6. SO much sprite
    Sometimes I get into food obsessions and right now that food is sprite. It's getting bad.