My best friend (@michaelaa ) has a ListApp account now so I'm celebrating
  1. Michaela is my best friend in the whole wide world
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  2. I truly believe we have a collection of soulmates in this life and that Michaela is one of mine
  3. FUN FACT: when we met, we immediately knew we were supposed to be best friends but we didn't become best friends at that time
    Because I found out that she was a republican!!! WOW I was so partisan my freshman year of high school and I regret this a lot
  4. But by the summer between junior and senior year we realized that we were meant 2 b
  5. Michaela is infinitely kind and funny and giving
    She's also the queen of Bitmoji so watch out
  6. She looks out for me and makes sure I am being the best me I can be
    Every single aspect of her friendship is unconditional
  7. Ok she's actually the funniest person I know
  8. We don't just have inside jokes, we have inside characters
    These are characters that we have created that we revisit at specific times (Disneyland guy, Southern woman who is concerned her husband might become a lizard, etc.)
  9. It was bittersweet because we only got to be together as best friends for senior year
    It was such an amazing year filled with laughs and concerts and late nights and Disneyland trips. 2015 was the best year of my life, and she is responsible for like 95% of that
  10. I'm so grateful for her
  11. And for the fact that being 3,000 miles apart for college has done nothing but bring us closer
    It's been hard, and we've had some rough moments, but we are becoming better friends and better people in the process
  12. Anyway
  13. Michaela is amazing
  14. And our friendship is amazing
  15. And such a gift
  16. And I wanted to tell you guys about it
  17. Bye!
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    This picture was an iconic moment for us