We couldn't pick just one. Participants: my brother Grant, my stepmom Nicole, my dad Perry, and my family friend/uncle/second father Ed
  1. "Family"
  2. "Perry, Nicole, Hannah, Grant"
  3. "Ed stop changing the name of the group chat"
  4. "13 Days Until Rogue One"
  5. "Our Group Chat"
  6. "Family"
  7. "The Breakfast Club"
  8. "The Breakfast"
    My dad didn't really understand how renaming worked
  9. "The Sandlot"
  10. "Family"
  11. "12-1 life time"
    Ed's and a Grant's running dart score
  12. "Hannah Rogers Fan Club"
  13. "The American President"
  14. "UNLV loss support group"
  15. "Duke Arrogance Workshop"
    My dad is the world's biggest UNLV fan
  16. "20-9 Duke"
  17. "#winningwithclass"
  18. "I want to be home"
  19. "Rogue One Crew"
    I was homesick