OVER/UNDER: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ferris Wheels, Avocado, Harvard, Once (The Movie)

Thank you @nathanveshecco !!
  1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    Underrated. He is such a cute lil cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. His Edward Snowden impression might be terrible but he works hard and is talented! Also, I love how he has spoken out against misinterpretations of (500) Days of Summer!
  2. Ferris Wheels
    Ferris: Underrated. Wheels: Underrated. Ferris Bueller is a nearly impeccable movie and wheels make the world go round
  3. Avocado
    OVERRATED. Avocados are disgusting the texture is the worst and I hate them. This is probably @michaelaa 's and my biggest disagreement but I'm right
  4. Harvard
    You know what they call Harvard? The Duke of the North. NEXT.
  5. Once (The Movie)
    Glenn Hansard is so special...Falling Slowly is such a beautiful song!