I am feeling very small and worthless and unwanted right now, so here is a list to prove to myself that I am none of those things
  1. I am kind
  2. I am thoughtful
  3. I am fearfully and wonderfully made by my God
  4. I make people smile
  5. I stay excited about the world
  6. I ask good questions
  7. I am smart
  8. I love people well
  9. I am funny
  10. I care about other people's lives and want to learn more about them
  11. I am a good singer
  12. I have big dreams
  13. I work hard
  14. I am a good sister
  15. I am a good friend
  16. I stick up for people who are being treated poorly
  17. I have good taste in music
  18. I find beauty in everything
  19. I am grateful
  20. I help people when they feel small
  21. I help people when they feel worthless
  22. I help people when they feel unwanted
  23. If I can help other people when they feel these things, I can help myself
  24. I am not a burden
  25. I am not a burden
  26. I am not a burden