My Grandma is a boss and also my role model. I want to be her when I grow up
  1. When she was in high school she performed with Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show
  2. In the 80s she used to buy monochromatic sweatsuits and then splatter paint them on her own
  3. She's going to India for two weeks by herself this August just because
  4. She knows the words to "Colors" by Ice T
  5. She comes to our house and brings us yesterday's paper annotated with her thoughts and opinions on sticky notes
  6. Her father was Las Vegas' first ever park ranger, and laid down all of the original trails in Mount Charleston
    She has seen Las Vegas grow from a train town of 6,000 people to a metropolis of 2.3 million
  7. She can have a conversation with anybody
    Whether it's a waiter or someone we're next to at the grocery store, my grandma can make people comfortable enough to share their life story within 5 minutes. Her best advice: "Always ask people questions. You can always learn from them and also people love talking about themselves." This advice has served me so well when meeting new people.
  8. She's everybody's grandma
    Literally everyone I know calls her Grandma Cheryl
  9. She has played bridge with the same group of girlfriends every Wednesday for the past 25 years
    My grandma has a girl gang!!
  10. She lost her first husband and current husband within the span of a year and showed more courage and grace and strength than I thought possible in a person
  11. I love you Grandma Cheryl! Thanks for being you!