1. Logan Huntzberger
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    Kind, smart, funny, adventurous, Logan Huntzberger is my dream man. He was so kind to Rory, and was the only boyfriend who never made her feel ashamed of her family. He was also the hottest.
  2. No one
    We need a space between 1 and 2 because no one even comes close to Logan
  3. Dean Forrester
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    Dean was a pretty good boyfriend until he wasn't. He had a horrible temper and also kept trying to push Rory into very constricting gender roles (this is Rory Gilmore we're talking about here, like she would EVER go for that). Also he was horrible to Lindsay!
  4. Jess Mariano
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    SCREW JESS MARIANO. He was the worst. The very worst. He made fun of Rory for liking things and being optimistic, bailed on important moments for Rory, and completely abandoned her and their relationship. He isn't romantic or mysterious or a lovable bad boy. He's a pretentious douche.