I just finished watching American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson and realized that the Trial of the Century and the Election of the Millennium are one in the same. I wasn't alive in 1995 so my knowledge of the OJ case comes mainly from the show
  1. Hillary Clinton // Marcia Clark
    A highly qualified woman who had all of the facts on her side. Overconfident that she would win, and may have been a little too relaxed in the beginning. Vilified by the sexist media for her appearance. She was delivered one crushing blow after another, which obliterated her chances over time until it was way too close to call, and then she ultimately lost.
  2. Donald Trump // OJ Simpson
    Someone who achieved massive fame, and then notoriety. The public had to figure out if they needed to now consider him to be something else entirely (a murderer/President of the United States). There is overwhelming evidence against him, but none of it sticks because of his control over the media and his fame.
  3. Bernie Sanders // Chris Darden
    Brought into the arena a little late in order to for the greater party (the prosecution/the democrats) to appeal to a certain audience. Aware of glaring problems before they hit the limelight (the DNC hacks/Mark Fuhrman), but wasn't taken seriously
  4. James Comey // Mark Fuhrman
    Originally supposed to be a no consequential actor in the process, but after a piece of incriminating evidence is released at the last minute (the letter/the tapes), the entire campaign/trial becomes about him. He is ultimately one of the main reasons that the prosecution/democrats lose. He seems unapologetic about that fact.
  5. Steve Bannon // Johnnie Cochran
    Showman who hurdled baseless conspiracies at the public in order to distract people from the overwhelming evidence against his side. Used the moment to further his own agenda. Changed the narrative to race.
  6. Mike Pence // F. Lee Bailey
    Old World conservative white guy who seems like the voice of reason in the midst of chaos, but is secretly just as corrupt as the rest of them. Worked mainly behind the scenes, and had way more control than people thought he did.
  7. Mark Cuban // Robert Kardashian
    Former friend who was originally supportive of Donald Trump/OJ, but as the campaign/trial progressed and overwhelming evidence was revealed he changed allegiances
  8. The Media // Judge Ito
    Claimed to be a nonpartisan, objective third party but routinely gave one side (the defense/the Republicans) and overwhelming advantage. Saw this moment as an opportunity to advance his career/ratings.
  9. The American People // The Jury
    Voted emotionally instead of based on reason, had decided for whom they were going to vote months before the vote was taken. Highly divided and polarized, especially when it came to race
  10. In both the trial and the election, we saw the intersection of celebrity culture, race, and crime.
  11. Both were media circuses that demanded the public's attention for over a year
  12. And by the end, allegiances were divided pretty heavily along racial lines
  13. I'm sure there are more parallels, and if you think of any let me know!
  14. Russia // The Glove
    Perhaps the most incriminating piece of evidence against Trump/the defense. However, the very faction it would have incriminated had control over its narrative, allowing both to claim that it quite literally did not fit.