I have a real, genuine love for a lot of embarrassing things. And I dig that.
  1. Pat Metheney
    Some people would argue that Pat Metheney, the love child of smooth jazz and the synth, is the worst. I wholeheartedly disagree. First of all, the dude can straight up jam. Second of all, his music has a nostalgia and purity and kindness to it. Like his album Secret Stories would imply, Metheney is a gifted storyteller: so much so that he can make me cry over a forgotten love affair ("Tell Her You Saw Me") without writing a single lyric).
  2. That show What Would You Do
    This show is so wonderful and good and infuriating and bad. I used to watch it with my mom all the time growing up. Basically it's a hidden camera show where they put people in uncomfortable/topical situations to see how people would act. It's never a prank (which I appreciate), it's simply a fascinating study of human nature. I usually can't watch it all in one sitting because it makes my blood pressure SKYROCKET.
  3. Early 90s Kevin Kline
    Let me make this very clear: I am in love with Kevin Kline. His character Dave, from the movie Dave, is my dream man in literally every way. I also just think KK is such a babe. I would marry him right this moment. Is that weird? No!
  4. O Magazine
    So what I'm an 18 year old girl!!!! So what!!! I LOVE O Magazine! It makes me so happy. It is such a positive and authentic magazine, and even though it's written for women the same age as my parents I learn a lot from it and always turn the last page happier and more fulfilled.
  5. "Sailing" by Christopher Cross
    I had this song on a playlist I made in the seventh grade called "Chillin' Out" and I love it. One of my best friends Ashley HATES this song with a passion so it obviously became ~our song~. A simple song about a man who loves to sail. What's not to love?
  6. Fan Fiction
    Ok!!!!! Listen. I think it's a really amazing thing that people love a movie or television show or a character so much that they are willing to spend countless hours writing stories about them and then give those stories to people for free. That is an amazing amount of love and dedication.
  7. High School Musical 3
    best movie musical since "Chicago", yes for real
    Suggested by @stephen
  8. Gnomeo and Juliet
    Suggested by @PawneeGoddess