Inspired by @shacara_shacara
  1. Be honest my newest addition to my snap story is a comedic masterpiece
    Humble as always
  2. Why do all of my stress dreams involve me driving poorly on the 95? Why am I so afraid of that freeway?
    Twice in one week! ~what does it mean~
    I don't hate Sense8, I love Sense8. Also I hate Sense8.
  4. Aw that was REAL cute
    I say this irl a lot
  5. Maybe I’ve been a clone this whole time
    Stay woke
  6. 7up is a DISGRACE to citrus flavored soda
    Passionate about the real issues
  7. Me, to myself: I am a slave to capitalism
    This was because I bought an episode of Jane the Virgin because I didn't want to wait until it was on Hulu
  8. BONUS: I'm fuckin inebriated inlove you sososo flu ybcmmuch
    :-) no comment