I've been sensing that a great shift in my life was about to occur for a while, and then tonight it hit me all at once.
  1. Love God fiercely
  2. Curate a tribe of women who are tired of sending representatives of themselves into the world. Who live messily and bravely and truthfully.
    Hold their hands and walk through life with them.
  3. Meditate. Listen to God and the universe and my soul.
  4. Heal my relationship with sex. Bring all the darkness and shame into the light. Make sex not a dirty word. Stop sprinting between moments of loneliness.
  5. Give pain a place in my life. Allow myself to feel it. But, look it in the eye and tell it that it's no match for my God.
  6. Dance and yell and laugh and snort and wear whatever I feel like wearing. Live about 5 volume notches louder.
  7. Read and soak in the stories and testimonies of loud and flawed and brave and messy women. Learn from them.
  8. Wake up earlier and go to bed earlier. Have a place in the day.
  9. Open my heart to creativity. Make a bunch of things, and stop caring about how they turn out.
  10. Find a church that is loud and darefully loving, that overflows with grace and imperfection and vulnerability and love of and for Christ
  11. Get to know the planet
  12. Dig my toes in the sand.
  13. Embrace my heritage and story and identity as a Love Warrior.