1. Sense8 is, by far, the most underrated and under appreciated original Netflix series
  2. It came out in June and has been renewed for a season 2 AND YET nobody I know watched it without me forcing them to
    :-) however I do have a 100% recommendation satisfaction guarantee
  3. This is tragic bc I know you all will love it!!
  4. So I am going to tell you why you should watch this epic of a show
  5. First, some info
    Sense8 is about these people called sensates, who exist in clusters of 8 people from all around the world. Each sensate has the ability to access the memories, emotions, languages, skills, and sensations of any other sensate in their cluster.
  6. The plot is INSANE
    So the show tells the individual stories of each member of the cluster as well as the overarching story of the cluster itself. Each sensate is given so much time and attention and care, and you get really invested in all of the characters by like the second episode. It's confusing in the best way and violent and romantic and scary and awe-inspiring.
  7. The cast!!!!!!
    This has the most diverse cast I have ever seen in any piece of media. Because the members of the cluster are from all over the world, not only are they super racially, culturally, and gender diverse, but all of the supporting casts of their individual stories are as well!!
  8. Let me introduce you to the sensates
  9. LITO
    My trash son. Lito is an up and coming actor who lives in Mexico City. Lito has a deep secret that he will protect at all costs. He is overdramatic and cries a lot. I love him.
  10. NOMI
    Nomi is a trans hacktivist who lives in San Francisco! She is in a BADASS relationship with her girlfriend Amanita, who is bae. Nomi is a genius and won't go down without a fight. Plus, Nomi is played by a trans actress! So yay representation!
  11. WILL
    Will is a cop who lives in Chicago. He is a golden retriever with quite the savior complex. He's very important to the plot but does not take over the whole show, which is refreshing!
  12. KALA
    Kala is a scientist who lives in Mumbai. Kala is cool because she's literally perfect?? Also is very religious, and her love for science and her faith never conflict with each other which is very refreshing!
  13. RILEY
    Ok listen. For the first two episode you're going to be bored by Riley. But she is SUCH a complex and beautiful character. She needs like at least a 10 minute hug.
    Wolfgang looks like a puppy dog but he will probably kill you. A safe breaker with a past and something to prove, he is far more than meets the eye. Also, stick around for the wedding scene. You'll know what I'm talking about. Trust me.
  15. SUN
    Sun Bak is the most badass person to ever grace this planet, actually. She seems calm and submissive but watch out!!! She'll get ya. Her story talks about the sacrifices we will make for our family, and whether or not those sacrifices are deserved. Such a strong character (in more ways than one).
    Capheus, my literal ray of sunshine. My perfect cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. He has a sunflower for a soul, and he will do anything for the people he loves most. Such a beautiful character. I love him.
  17. Each sensate plays a valuable role in the lives of all the other sensates
    Where one fails, another steps in to save the day. It's actually beautiful how much they rely on and need each other.
  18. The Wachowskis created it!
    So you know it's going to be a mind bender with some GREAT action sequences
  19. Practical effects!
    In many of the scenes, you'll see the sensates share consciousness, meaning that multiple characters will be experiencing the same moment. None of these are edited over each other, the actors are jusssst out of frame and do a perfectly choreographed tuck and roll in order to switch places!
  20. At the end of the day, this show is about how we connect each other
    And it's NOT about how "we're all one race...the ~human race~" it's about how we use our differences and our similarities to help one another and grow
  21. Everyone needs to watch this
  22. Specifically @lesbian tho
    You'll dig it and have I sTEERED YOU WRONG BEFORE
  23. Watch Sense8!!! If anything, do it for me because I need someone to talk about it with