1. My a cappella group, Duke University's Out of the Blue
  2. Just got named 7th best female group in the nation by College Magazine!
  3. I'm so proud of my ladies!
  4. We have worked so hard
  5. And we love what we do so much
  6. And I truly feel that we are living Pitch Perfect
  7. And that I am in a singing sorority
  8. Filled with love and support and laughter.
  9. So yeah!!
  10. Go Out of the Blue!!
    psst i'm the one three from the right with the long brown hair :))
  11. Check out the video! I'm second from the left with the light blue dress ☺️💙☺️💙
    Also one of my best friends Elizabeth is singing the solo and she kills it!!!! I love her so much!!!!!!
  12. Also, stay tuned because we are releasing our newest album, Youth, in the next few weeks!!
  13. You can also find us on iTunes and Spotify!!
  14. Yay!!!
  15. OOTBYE