My Tuesday in Gifs/pictures

  1. Woke up at 7, got out of bed at 7:40
  2. Got ready for the day
  3. Walked to campus and called my mom
  4. Ate a bagel from Einstein's
  5. Went to Middle East Studies and found out I made an A on my test
  6. Had an overview of Middle East development and demographics
  7. Met my friend to drive to the site we were observing for our Social World class
  8. It was an awesome health care clinic that serves vulnerable populations
  9. Ate lunch
  10. And caught up on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  11. Did my homework
  12. Ate chick fil a for myself on campus
  13. Went to Model Arab League Meeting
  14. Went home and cleaned my room
  15. And hung out with the roomies ❤️