Get a mini one and put it in your bag/backpack/briefcase/snowsuit/pocket!! Watch your life become so much better.
  1. If you forget deodorant, you can run to the bathroom (OR NOT I am a total supporter of public deodorant usage) and apply some.
    I cannot tell you HOW many times this has come in handy for me. I thank my genius/thing most ppl have probably figured out by 20 every time I am saved by my mini deodorant tucked into the pocket of my backpack
  2. If it's a hot day or you're really sweaty for some reason, you can reapply and keep the fresh smell going!!
    I literally just did this 2 mins ago and it inspired me to write this list. I was sitting in a building on campus waiting for a lecture to start when I was like hmm my underarms don't smell so gr8 right now, better reapply...and 2 seconds later I was smelling more like baby powder and less like body funk
  3. You can lend it out to very special friends and be their hero.
    If you have a close friend who you trust showers enough (or if they're not clean or close and you are a more trusting/nicer person than I am) you can lend them your deodorant when they forget or need to freshen up and they will love you forever. Friends who deodorize together stay together!! Guaranteed. ❤️