The following statements are things I actually said and do not recommend to anyone who meets someone who they could potentially date in the future. You will sound crazy.
  1. "It's so strange that we met! I think it was fate."
  2. "I've been waiting to meet someone just like you."
  3. "You are just perfect. Perfect."
  4. "We should probably go on a real date soon."
  5. "I love squirrels."
  6. "I just broke up with my first boyfriend two weeks ago. But I'm TOTALLY over him. Haha."
  7. "Gosh, I am so happy I finally met someone taller than me. I've dated soooooo many short guys. Haha."
  8. "You eat very poorly. But actually, you're going to get heart disease if you keep eating like that."
  9. "My name means, 'full of grace.'" (Then proceeds to trip)
  10. "Goodnight. Wait! . . . Oh never mind. . . Wait! . . . Bye." (Gives awkward hug)
  11. "I've never had a 'normal' relationship."
  12. "I absolutely love cats. I'll probably be a cat lady sooner or later."