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  1. Ellieana -okay not that bad, she's a cute kid and the nickname possibilities are solid. Maybe she'll forgive her parents for butchering the spelling
  2. Jay-Shawn also has nickname potential, but I can't help but think about the beginning of every Jason Darulo song
  3. Ronny (female)- I hate to label but the only Ronnys I know are definitely lesbians
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  1. High pitched whistling until my mother either screams at him to stop or ends up passive agressively leaving the room in frustration
  2. Putting rotisserie chicken wrappers around the dog like a belt or collar
  3. Making his own acronyms
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  1. Best lead actor in a film: the Oscar goes to the bear in the revenant. No one else cold rip the vocal chords out of Leo's throat and not feel remorse like this guy. If that's not dedication to a character than I don't know what is.
  2. Best supporting actor in a film: the oscar goes to that little kid in room. Everyone else is overrated. This kids got game, I hear he's dating J-Law
  3. Best major film (animated): Guys, Spirit got robbed at the oscars!!!!!!!!!! The perfect amount of emotion, equines, love, and history all in one!!
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  1. How many days until break?
  2. Does she really expect me to read 8 chapters of archaeology over the weekend?
  3. Is archaeology even a thing anymore?
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