1. How many days until break?
  2. Does she really expect me to read 8 chapters of archaeology over the weekend?
  3. Is archaeology even a thing anymore?
  4. Since when did I have 3 midterms this week?
  5. How do I conjugate in German?
  6. What's that smell (this one occurs multiple times daily)
  7. Is this fork clean?
  8. Who is the chain smoker that stands under my window at 11pm on weekdays???
  9. How long will I be in debt?
  10. Is it normal for my roommate to sleep until 3pm?
  11. When does she go to class?? /how is she not failing?
  12. Can I drop out?
  13. What's that liquid?
  14. If I look really stupid in class will my professor not call on me? The answer is no.
  15. How can I live on close to 20 dollars a week?
  16. Who is the richest boy in this room that I can marry?