1. Toddlers and children
  2. 90s kids
    20 somethings who still think the Lion King is the best movie ever created.
  3. Women who think Disney is romantic
    Disney wedding/honeymoon. Insisting on matching Mickey and Minnie tee shirts (probably bedazzled).
  4. Husbands of women who think Disney is romantic
    They've seen Frozen 73 times and paid for the expensive Disney honeymoon suite in hopes of finally getting laid.
  5. Old women
    Snow bunnies who live in Orlando during winter months and have season passes just to walk the park in an old Tinkerbell tee shirt.
  6. Recently divorced dads
    Men simultaneously trying to regain the love of their children and make their ex wives jealous. I guess these guys probably don't count as loving Disney but I bet there are a lot of them.