I express my thoughts and feelings via "ugh" a lot
  1. My daughter slept 2 hours fewer than usual
    Even though I still got "enough" sleep, I am never prepared for her random regressions
  2. It's raining
    This doesn't bother me for the most part, but my dog clearly needs to go #2 and she's standing on the patio by the door looking at me sadly and then glancing at the yard and then back at me like "can you please turn off the rain?" But I can't so she comes back inside like I've let her down and doesn't go #2 and I KNOW she's uncomfortable, ugh.
  3. I lost a slipper
    This annoyed me so much that I kind of took my frustration out on my crying daughter, who is just tired, but I still said "I GET it, I HEAR you, alright?!" to her like she could understand (she can't, she's four months). Stupid slipper. Where tf could it be?! How do you just lose ONE?
  4. My tea is too hot
    I really want to drink it, I'm so damn tired
  5. Baby didn't nap after the first nurse
    Guess this means I'm staying awake!
  6. My cat still lives here
    I have two cats, and I kind of hate the one. Everyday I say to her, can't you please just run away or something?
  7. Baby fell asleep after two minutes of nursing the second time
    But my other breast has a clog and I'm gonna need you to uh...ugh fine, just sleep.
  8. Baby is asleep on my and I really have to go to the bathroom
    She'd probably stay asleep if I put her down but I love having her in my arms and I won't be able to pick her back up afterward :(
  9. My sleeping baby is adorable.