This started out as "my favorite things of summer" but most were smells, so I went with that.
  1. Honeysuckle
    Hands down my #1 favorite. If Utah didn't have honeysuckle, I'd probably move back to Arkansas.
  2. Fresh cut grass
  3. Sunscreen
    Reminds me of the beach
  4. Campfires
    Who brought the s'mores? (Confession: I hate s'mores)
  5. Hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill
    It's the most *summer* of all smells
  6. Chlorine
    Pool time!
  7. Aloe
    Sweet relief after the inevitable burn
  8. Watermelon
    It isn't summer without watermelon
  9. The sweet aroma of a thunderstorm in the distance
    I miss *real* thunderstorms