Random lists in my house right now

  1. Inspirational quotes of the week/month
    Bathroom mirror, to make sure I read each morning and night
  2. Shopping list
    Also on the bathroom mirror
  3. Weekly to-do
    Bathroom mirror...I'm sensing a trend. And no wonder I rarely spend much time on hair/make-up. Too busy reading/editing the lists.
  4. Monthly/weekly/daily goals
    Journal, purse, cell phone, bathroom mirror
  5. Favorite things
    Journal, purse, cell phone, random post-it notes inside books
  6. Movies I need to watch
    Cell phone/journal. This list is ever growing.
  7. Books I need to read
    See above
  8. Places I need to travel
    See above
  9. Exercise goals
    In the back of my journal, tucked safely away from my guilty conscience as I eat another bar of chocolate