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  1. I was the youngest one in the class by at least 20 years
    ((Not exaggerating))
  2. Man next to me would spin for a few minutes then take a bite of a candy bar then return to spinning
  3. Lady behind me loudly asked the class if the room was hot or if she was having a hot flash
    The room was hot
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So yesterday I innocently took a BuzzFeed quiz entitled "your bread choices will reveal how lonely you are" and my result was "lonely AF" which.. is sadly kinda spot on soooo somehow that BuzzFeed quiz lead me here
  1. The BuzzFeed quiz that stated it all
  2. The prince and me option
    I end up with an idiot lab partner who I then have to tutor (very likely), he's actually a great guy, we fall in love and it turns out he's a prince
  3. The Cinderella story option
    I leave my cell phone, or laptop or really any object somewhere and someone (ideally as handsome as Chad Michael Murray) tracks me down to return it
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  1. Coffee. Always. Especially Starbucks holiday.
  2. Studying. Always studying.
  3. Run all the miles. Eat all the food.
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  1. Derek Shepard
    Greys anatomy
  2. Jim halpert
    The office
  3. Jackson Avery
    Greys anatomy
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