So yesterday I innocently took a BuzzFeed quiz entitled "your bread choices will reveal how lonely you are" and my result was "lonely AF" which.. is sadly kinda spot on soooo somehow that BuzzFeed quiz lead me here
  1. The BuzzFeed quiz that stated it all
  2. The prince and me option
    I end up with an idiot lab partner who I then have to tutor (very likely), he's actually a great guy, we fall in love and it turns out he's a prince
  3. The Cinderella story option
    I leave my cell phone, or laptop or really any object somewhere and someone (ideally as handsome as Chad Michael Murray) tracks me down to return it
  4. The clueless option
    Ok so I lovingly help someone find a new look and a boyfriend, then bam! I end up with a boyfriend too
  5. The Bridget jones option
    Ok so I identify with Bridget jones on her level of human disaster, so I fall in love with my boss, who turns out to be THE WORST, then afterwards I meet a really sweet Colin firth kinda guy
  6. The breakfast at Tiffany option
    So of course like everyone else, I aspire to be a NYC socialite, and on my way to the top I find love
  7. The stuck in love option
    So basically I'm just chillin and Logan lerman (or some equivalent) comes along like yes please
  8. The serendipity option
    Giphy downsized medium
    Ok in this one, I meet someone and all these crazy amazing coincidences happen and fate brings us together
  9. The love actually option
    I end up working for an important world leader (maybe a medical consultant or chief doctor or something idk and idc) and then we fall in love as beautifully as in love actually (cries thinking about it)
  10. Ok so maybe I'll stop watching romantic comedies now
    #findhannahabf is happening