As of today. Tend to change frequently.
  1. Amy Schumer
    No need to explain this.
  2. Stand-up
    This is related to my developing interest in doing stand-up comedy. But as I watch more of it I question said interest...
  3. Smoothies
    Unclear as to the origin. But currently EVERY DAY.
  4. Fight Song by Rachel Platten
    It is the most profound of songs? Ehh. But it speaks to me.
  5. Sun
    It seems summer has finally arrived in Northern Indiana and I CAN'T GET ENOUGH.
  6. The stair machine at the gym
    Not the one that claims it's stairs, but the one that ACTUALLY is pretty much moving stairs/an escalator/perfection/miserable.
  7. My scene partner in my acting class
    He's beautiful and has a Southern accent. I mean... (His looming alcoholism is less sexy but alas)
  8. Being alone
    It appears I have expended all social energy I had amassed over time.