Yes. This is real. A homeowner peaced out and seemed to leave everything in medias res. I have been coordinating picking up all the (sometimes literal) pieces. Here are the highlights.
  1. Cat paraphernalia
    We kept asking if they had children. They did not, just cats.
  2. Drug paraphernalia
    Nothing too crazy, but definitely a lot of whippets just in case!
  3. Paintball paraphernalia
    Never had I seen so much commitment to an absurd hobby.
  4. Strewn paperwork with social security numbers
  5. Court cases that involved one of the owners as the prosecutor...
  6. An outside chair used solely as an ashtray
  7. Many large, all pieces glued together puzzles
  8. TAPES
    Literal tapes. Not cds or dvds or whatever else. Just tapes.
  9. A few knives and daggers
  10. One valid passport
    Things I would always take with me, even in a getaway!
  11. Bags and bags of dirty laundry
    Literal. But also figurative.
  12. A gun. [found on the garage floor]
    And scene.