The sad plight of loving pop music and radio and the eventuality that SOMETIMES with SOME songs, it's too much. This list, however, is still a work in progress.
  1. We Are Young by Fun.
    It was once so intriguing. All intrigue is long gone.
  2. All of Me by John Legend
    Wow. The emotions of this song were EVERYTHING I DREAMED OF...until I heard it so many times that I couldn't separate it from my inner stream of consciousness and hated it. Forever.
  3. Dynamite by Taio Cruz
    Actually I've almost always hated it but there was a fleeting moment when I thought it had potential.
  4. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran
    Wow. This one is tough. I loved this so sincerely and completely when the album came out...but the radio had other plans for its presence and I can't listen to it anymore. At all.
  5. Just Give Me a Reason by Pink feat. Nate Ruess
    No explanation needed. But still sometimes wish I could love it as fully as I once did.