1. Single out of context line from Orpheus Descending
    'Yes I followed. Like I bird's tail follows a bird I followed.' ...
  2. Body shaming commentary from 'friend'
    Friends are fickle, you know
  3. Boss' critique of my knowledge base
    'I get frustrated when I have to repeat myself'
  4. The sound my phone makes when I get an e-mail
    Supposed to be some kind of bamboo, just sounds like someone cracking their head on concrete. Which is what I feel like doing whenever I hear it so...apt.
  5. The amount of work I haven't done today
  6. The continued unending elation from the Taylor Swift concert I saw over the weekend
    PLEASE NEVER END. This joy is getting me through the week!
  7. The chorus of 'See You Again' by Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth
    Who is Charlie Puth?!
  8. The first two lines of 'Wonderland' by god, Taylor Allison Swift
    Held on tight and we took a wrong turn and we fell down the rabbit hole...