1. Instantly upon waking up
  2. While eating breakfast
  3. Within 1-2 hours after eating breakfast when I start wondering what to eat next
  4. Until I next eat a snack or lunch
  5. While eating said snack or lunch
  6. Within 1-2 hours of eating said food
  7. Depending on whether I ate a pre-snack lunch or not, while planning lunch
  8. 1-2 hours post-lunch when I start to be hungry again
  9. While eating another snack
  10. In anticipation of dinner
  11. While eating dinner
  12. Shortly after dinner when I think it is almost acceptable to be thinking about more snacks
  13. While snacking
  14. Before going to sleep while imagining what's in my future meals the next day...
  15. Anytime I hear about food/see food on tv/see someone eating/drive by restaurants/see food in my kitchen or at work or at a grocery store or at a place like Walgreen's that secretly has food