Dooms Day Prep

Read far too much (and yet probably not enough) news on the North Korea bomb situation on the train this morning and started to compile this list in my notes app while being 100% serious and possibly spiraling out of control???
  1. Cash
    You NEED cash immediately $7 is not going to cut it in a time like this. You need enough for a plane ticket out of here and extra to kickstart your new life
  2. Passport
    Need to start carrying passport at ALL times no exceptions
  3. Non-perishable food
    Do I have non-perishables at home? I need to go to Costco. It's okay to not be eco friendly in a dooms day situation, right?? Because I'm pretty sure you're also supposed to stock water bottles.
  4. How do I get my dog out of the country at a moments notice??
    Need to get dog microchipped and get him a passport and also a rabies shot??? Also probably need to have dog Xanax on hand
  5. Did my lemon tree die?
    I should probably start growing my own food
  6. Should I have an emergency bag packed?
    That war journalist said she always keeps one after everything she has seen so probably yes???? What kind of clothes do you wear while fleeing the country??