These are commuter trains FYI, the social norm expectations are much higher. But I ALWAYS end up in the weird car.
  1. Group of six children under 10
    Including a crying baby. Only one adult. In my car on the way to work AND on the way home. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES????
  2. Guy who took his shoes off and put his feet up
  3. Two people playing concentration 64
  4. Two grown men having an argument in a different language
    Sounded hostile
  5. Teenager with motion sickness
  6. Woman talking on speaker phone
  7. Group of eight men with beers in brown paper bags
    The lights flickered a few times (as they do) and every time they would all yell, "WOAH HAHAHA!!!!!!! LIGHTS GOIN OUT!!!!" and playfully push and punch one another 😑
  8. Someone watching a movie without headphones
    Volume at 100%
  9. Two dudes talking about how funny the Big Bang Theory is
  10. Someone who spilled an entire tub of Garrett's popcorn all over the floor in front of the door
  11. Conductor just said "doggy diva, over" on the intercom