What I love so far this week.
  1. My Volker
    Cutest pooch and most loving buddy . He makes me go for walks and reminds me to enjoy every moment of life. I can't make a love list without him🐕🐾 Get a dog, you'll be happier.
  2. Miki Agrawal
    I had the honor to see her speak recently and it was inspiring! I am reading her book and am impressed by her drive, as well as her commitment to make the world a better place.
  3. Lilacs
    Mine are blooming and it's wonderful!
  4. Trashy Novels
    Work week reading at its finest.......I always read several books at a time and Yasmine Galenorm Dragon Witch is my current "take my mind off everything" read.
  5. Pasta
    I love pasta because it's delicious. I'm lucky because my hubby loves to make it from scratch and for some reason it makes me have lots of energy the day after I eat it. Current favorite is definitely gnocchi with pesto.