Career paths I have daydreamed of over the past month

  1. Travel writing and photography for nat geo, obviously involving a tremendous amount of world travel and remote hiking
    In this scenario I am also paid an incredible amount and manage to retire at 35 to ~get serious~ with my band
  2. Oh yeah and in this daydream I also have a mildly-to-very successful band
  3. Maybe something in LGBTQ advocacy internationally?
    Don't mind me just trying to turn being an angry queer into a marketable profession
  4. Something something foodie taste tester
    I could have a food network show! But only food I like so nothing icky like parsnips
  5. Olympian
    Honestly every four years I get the athlete itch again (no, not that one) that makes me want to quit everything and just swim competitively again
  6. Political organizing but where I also get paid
    The most unrealistic of them all